Events @ Listening Tree


The Work That Reconnects

This one-day deep ecology workshop to help us heal our world will be held not at Listening Tree, but facilitated by Listening Tree Co-op members, Jim Tull and Karina Lutz, in Connecticut in January. Using the “Work that Reconnects” spiral approach, we’ll face the world’s environmental, social, and economic crises and come out stronger and clearer in heart and mind, to avoid burnout and be more effective in our efforts to preserve the well-being of the earth and humans.

Details here.

Making Ways for Pollinators

Tom's Promotion Pic 082717
Tom Sullivan with some of his pollinator habitat plantings

Sat., May 18, 2019 (rescheduled)

Pollinators are essential to healthy agriculture–yet they are threatened, in part due to losing habitat to monoculture farming, which grows acres and acres of only one plant and displaces the diversity of flowering plants that keep pollinators fed and healthy all season long.

Making a difference in the ways we support native bee pollinators is what this full day workshop is all about. Led by Tom Sullivan, owner of Pollinators Welcome, who has been designing beautiful pollinator habitat landscapes since 2009. A graduate of the Conway School of Landscape Design and designer of the first pollinator habitat nursery in Massachusetts, Tom teaches folks how to design and create pollinator habitats that meet pollinator biological needs by: appropriate siting of gardens in the landscape, choosing plants well suited to soil and sun, creating significant nesting opportunities and choosing pollinator life cycle protection through freedom from pesticides.

Find out more and register here.

Potlucks and Tours

Regularly scheduled get-to-know-each-other potlucks are over for the year. We may do some impromptu, depending on what works for people interested in living and/or farming here, or you may ask for a personal tour, enjoy the farms and home, and hear more about what we are doing here.

Please call (401)710-9784.

Harvest Feast to thank WOOFers and other volunteers, neighbors, and Associate Members Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018.


Create a labyrinth

Jenza's labyrinth

Sept. 29, 2018, 10-3

Learn and do @ Listening Tree! This month it’s why and how to build a temporary labyrinth of natural materials. When it’s complete, we’ll walk the labyrinth in a guided meditation.

Jenn Nino of Jenza’s Garden will lead us through the whole process.

Our meditation will focus on making peace with the land we walk on. As Thich Nhat Hanh says, you’ll “walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”

Click on the link below for details, or go right registration.

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Growing Vegetables in Raised Beds

Aug. 19, 2018

Hocus Pocus Farm, currently located at Listening Tree Co-op, will be hosting a workshop on how they have been growing vegetables in raised field beds for their CSA and markets.

Details and registration here.

“Midwifing the Great Turning”: A Work that Reconnects workshop

One-day deep ecology workshop to help us heal our world. Using the “Work that Reconnects” spiral approach, we’ll face the world’s environmental, social, and economic crises and come out stronger and clearer in heart and mind, to avoid burnout and be more effective in our efforts to preserve the well-being of the earth and humans. June 30th: 9:30-4:30 Details on the blog page:

Wild Summer Greens @ Listening Tree

Wild foods chef Brett Mayette comes back to Listening Tree this year to show how to ethically wildcraft and cook the abundant wild foods to be found in our gardens–before we even plant a seed. Join us to learn how to harvest before you weed and how to prepare those delicious weeds for dinner.

Brett is an amazing chef, and his favorite ingredients are of the wild and freshly foraged variety. We at Listening Tree are looking forward to learning about all the nutrition our fields have to offer us!

Conscious Cuisine, based in Rhode Island, is Brett’s “evolutionary nutrition” company and its focus is to help people develop diversity in their diets and enjoy wild foods for better health.

Brett will be taking us on a walk through the fields and forests here at Listening Tree, he will help us identify the nutritious plants, teach us about them, and show us how to harvest them. Then we will all gather as he prepares a meal for us–using the plants we just harvested!

Class will start at noon, and including our walk, plant harvest and meal, will wrap up at 3pm.

It will be a fun and informative class, with a delicious meal, and your own harvest to bring home for only $20.  Registration open here.

Anti-ableism in Daily Life

Sunday, February 25, 3-5 PM      @ Listening Tree

Learn about structural oppression of disabled folks and how we each can counter this through our language, thoughts, and behaviors, including evaluating our own needs and capacities for care. Anti-ableism topics include types of ableism, addressing our discomforts, ask vs. guess culture, de-stigmatizing help, mobility device etiquette, and other topics as folks request.This workshop will include journaling, discussion, and original content, and optional video.

The presenters:

Verge Steinman (xe/xir/xirs or he/him/his): a queer, trans, disabled, neurodivergent, HoH (hard of hearing), working-class artist & activist who is passionate about improving xirself, our communities, and our planet. Xe believes we are all still learning and welcomes respectful feedback, and is happy to offer additional resources whenever possible.

James Downey (xe/xir/xirs or they/them/theirs): a gender non-binary activist currently studying to become an American Sign Language interpreter, a language in which xe is conversationally fluent. Xir past work includes web accessibility engineering and public health programming. James currently works part-time as a home health aide for Verge, and ’round the clock on trying to make the world a better place. Xe believes in using whatever tools we have, wherever we are, on working for peace and justice.

FREE! Please RSVP to 401-710-9784.

Composting with worms for soil healing

Saturday, March 3 at 11 AM – 1 PM        @ Listening Tree

Composting with worms is practical, easy, educational, and fun. Red wiggler worms efficiently convert food scraps into a rich soil amendment, a nutrient- and organisms-rich compost. On top of that, worm ecosystems provide a remarkable glimpse into the natural world.

This workshop will cover various worm bin designs, worm ecology, care and feeding, and separating the castings for use. This will be an interactive workshop, to be held on site at Listening Tree’s large-scale vermiculture operation run by Ben Goldberg and Conor Lally. For more see the blog post.

The presenter:

Ben Goldberg has been keeping worms and making worm bins since 1995. He has presented workshops on worm bin ecology and composting for schools, agricultural conferences, and community groups. Ben holds degrees in both Environmental Education and Ecology from College of the Atlantic and The Audubon Expedition Institute.

Ben will teach us and entertain us all at the same time! You will certainly leave with hands-on knowledge of worm farming, as well as a new appreciation for the little things in life.

DONATION: $10 (suggested). Please RSVP to (401)710-9784.

Spoken word series

We’re beginning to plan a spoken word events for next year. Do you want to get in on the ground–not even a floor yet? Let Karina or Ben know at 401-710-9784.


Get-to-know-each-other potlucks are generally the first Saturday of the month starting at 4 during the spring, summer, and early fall. Take a tour, enjoy the farms and home, and hear more about what we are doing here. A great first step if you are interested in living and/or farming here. Please bring a dish to share.

FREE. Please RSVP to (401)710-9784